Walk through the Laberinto d’Horta

January 18, 2021


Barcelona is a city that is characterized by many qualities, its bike routes, architecture, the characteristic beauty of each neighborhood and of course the parks.


Today we show you the Laberinto d’Horta, a park converted into a garden museum, which makes an architectural and design tour through the duality between neoclassicism and romanticism.


To begin to know the park you will find a Chinese door, vestige of an oriental garden already disappeared and continues by the garden of the bojes, a stealthy garden that conserves the spirit of the designer, the Italian landscaper and gardener Domenico Bagutti, creator of the park by order of Antoni Deszanjas, Marquess of Llupià i Alfarràs. From this garden, born from careful pruning, come the paths that lead to the temples of Ariadna and Danae, the domestic garden and also the romantic garden, which occupies the entire left side of the park.


An interesting fact is that on Sundays they are free, you can enter with families, friends or take a walk alone through the various parts of the park, both through the maze and the gardens.

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