Walk through Collserola

January 25, 2021


The Collserola Park, with more than 8,000 hectares, is a natural heritage of incalculable value. Its importance lies in its proximity to the urban environment. It is a lung, a backbone of biodiversity and the connector between the city and nature.


Collserola shows a great diversity of landscapes and incredible views of the city, its layout, which covers the entire northern boundary of the city, acts as a border and delimits the city between two major natural elements: the sea to the south and the mountains to the north. This large longitudinal park that the mountain range represents for Barcelona has the potential to be, at the same time, a large green space in contact with the urban fabric and the starting point of a series of green corridors that link the city with the sea. A union that is very visible through Montjuïc, to the west, but that is feasible from the Besòs, to the east, and also through the urban center interconnecting different urban parks. These corridors connect spaces ranging from Ciutadella Park and the linear parks of the seafront to Aigües Park, Guinardó Park, Park Güell and Creueta del Coll Park, among others.

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