Visiting Park Güell

February  1, 2021


For those who still do not know the Park Güell, located in the foothills of the Collserola mountain range. The park was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, commissioned by the businessman Eusebi Güell. Built between 1900 and 1914, it was inaugurated as a public park in 1926.


Park Güell is a reflection of Gaudí’s artistic plenitude: it belongs to his naturalist stage, a period in which the architect perfected his personal style, through inspiration in the organic forms of nature, for which he put into practice a whole series of new structural solutions originated in his deep analysis of ruled geometry, there we will be able to see.


The Dragon Staircase, when you stand in front of it you will find a staircase that is organized in three sections, the one on the right served as a shelter or waiting area and is supported by a magnificent central column of conical shape, on the other side, halfway up the staircase is the coat of arms of Catalonia and above is the dragon -or salamander- with trencadís coating, which has become the most popular image of the park.


The Portico of the Lavander, on the east side of the Greek Theater square there is an original iron gate that leads to where the gardens of the Casa Larrard were, the old manor house that Güell adopted as his own house and that since 1931 has been a school.


The Greek Theater or Square of Nature, in the middle of Park Güell is the Square of Nature, formerly known as Greek theater, its original name responded to the fact that it was planned for the celebration of large outdoor shows, which could be seen from the terraces that surround it.


The Hypostyle Hall is formed by 86 fluted columns inspired by the Doric order. The outermost ones lean, in an undulating movement and openly contrary to the rules of classical composition, while reinforcing the perception of its structural function. The colonnade is crowned by a cornice on which the undulating bench is placed. A pipe inside it collects the rainwater that filters down from the square and stores it in a large subway cistern, whose spillway is the mouth of the dragon of the staircase.


Recommendation: dedicate an afternoon to explore the corners of Park Güell and enjoy the nature of Barcelona.


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