Tour of the Tamarita Gardens

February 15, 2021.


The Tamarita Gardens belonged to a two-hectare estate belonging to the Craywinckel family, an aristocratic family of Belgian origin that settled in Barcelona in the 18th century and which, at the beginning of the 20th century, was acquired by the businessman Alfredo Mata. There he built a house surrounded by gardens, whose design is considered one of the first works of the architect and landscape architect Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí, who preserved original forms and plant arrangements.


The gardens are divided into two distinct areas, one of more classicism and order and another that takes advantage of the passage of the Frare Blanc stream to offer a more spontaneous view.


The gardens are full of decorative elements that reinforce their origins as domestic gardens, small ponds with fountains, terracotta figures, stone, marble and ceramic cups turned into fountains, ornamental pots.


When you visit them you will find, upon entering, a fountain and a small pond framed by a creeper that is a type of exotic vine, the wire vine. The whole ensemble conceals one of the garden pavilions that now has a social use as the headquarters of the neighborhood association and as a service building.


In the more classical garden, arranged in flowerbeds (formal garden design) of French origin, we find a profusion of boxwoods and rose bushes, replanted to recover the original appearance of the garden in its last rehabilitation. Next, we find a space that serves as a small square, with an oval fountain, the square of the four continents, a nymphaeum with a cascading grotto fountain and the meadow that leads to the wildest part of the garden.


The Tamarita gardens are ideal to walk through and admire the different varieties of shapes, statues and flowers.


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