Pedaling against the climate change from Barcelona

September 26th, 2019

This Friday, 27th of September, different mobilizations are going to be carried out in Barcelona in order to demand the importance of a fast intervention against the climate change.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

From Born Bike Tours Barcelona, we always try to do our part using our bicycles as our way of life, speaking of personal and professional life. In addition, we explain how satisfactory is the continuous pedaling in our life is.

We know that the bicycle is a clean, sustainable and healthy means of transport that can make a difference -if you are usually reading our blog, for sure you are fed-up with listening to all the reasons. If this is your first time in this blog, we want to encourage you to read the posts where we talk about the use of the bicycle in the daily life, the importance of the rain in the city and about the ecotourism-. In addition, this is the means of transport which has made us aware of how significant the sustainability of our planet is and because of that we also want to promote the mobilizations of this 27th in Barcelona. At the same time, we want to applaud the initiatives and organizations that have triggered a world solidarity networks like as Fridays for Future.

We want to continue pedaling not only in a city, also in a world as so marvelous as the one we are living in. And you?

A new example about sustainability associated with the bicycle in Barcelona

February 14th, 2017

We are not tired to repeat that the bicycle is the best means of transport in the city. And here we have the news that confirms this premise, but this time we are not only talking about moving ourselves, we are talking about moving products.

The City Hall of Barcelona, together with the Rezero organization, has promoted the Comerç Verd, Comerç + Sostenible initiative –Green Business, Business + Sustainable. With this initiative, the City Hall pretends to make public and spread a great number of testimonies, who work producing 0 pollution.

The bicycle couldn’t be out of this project. For this reason, we find a couple, Marina and David, who are the owners of Freefood, an alimentary products shop. They base their contribution for improving the environment, in the distribution of these ecologic products with their bicycle. In addition, they make discounts to the clients who go to their shop by this means of transport.

We encourage you to look at the video, where the protagonists of this story tell you the advantages and the importance of the bicycle in the city.

(We are sorry, it is only in Catalan, if you have any doubts, contact us by our social networks).

¿Have you been convinced? Tomorrow, you can be who contribute for a better city.