Born Bike Tours Barcelona and Itinera Plus, the perfect match between sustainability and culture in order to get to know Barcelona

November 27th, 2019

We could say that today we are gathered here to celebrate this marvelous union between the cycling and literature, between Born Bike Tours Barcelona and Itinera Plus.

Born Bike Barcelona Tours has a great news! Because we have decided to put together all our 10 years’ experience pedaling through Barcelona and showing all its curiosities at street level with Itinera Plus, fellows who have been 15 years showing the most cultural face of the city through the literary, historic and legendary tours.

Yes, in effect now all these experiences are going to become one in order to give us the most complete and best experience, adjusting that to your interests.

Sharing this growth with you make us very happy! Let’s keep pedaling thanks to the ecotourism and the wonder things which surround us in Barcelona.