Historic Bicycle Tour

December 14, 2020

Today we will show you some of the most interesting places in Barcelona, and what is hidden there.


The archaeological remains excavated and that can be seen today inside the old Born Market show us the history of Barcelona from Roman times to the beginning of the 18th century, when life in this part of the city was suddenly interrupted by the end of the War of Succession.


Not all the remains have the same entity or have been preserved in the same way. We must bear in mind that the vestiges preserved prior to the 13th century were not part of the urban nucleus of Barcelona, although they were related. However, from the 13th century onwards, the structures now fully belong to the city, as a consequence of its growth.


In spite of being an area far from the city of Barcino, the area of the Born preserves in its subsoil burials from the Roman period.


The first documented archaeological remains in areas close to the Born are from the Low Imperial period. During this period an extensive necropolis was located, whose main nucleus was situated in what, a few centuries later, would be the subsoil of Santa Maria del Mar. No burial site from this period has been located inside the old market, but fourteen were found during the archaeological intervention of the Plaza Comercial in 1991.


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