Terms & conditions


The client rents bikes Born Bike Tours Barcelona and is subject to all terms and conditions of this contract:

1. Born Bike Tours Barcelona rents bikes and other vehicles pedal in the premises of its headquarters and tourist accommodation prior reservation.

2. The rented equipment will be delivered at the customer is staying or at your place of residence or elsewhere, by agreement between the parties.

3. Vehicles will be collected at the place, date and time specified in the contract alquier .. The delays caused by the customer both at the time of delivery and collection, without prior notification to Born Bike Tours Barcelona, generate charges additional € 6 delivery or pickup rescheduled and 2 € for each hour or fraction of an hour wait. At the end of the rental period the client deliver vehicles Born Bike Tours Barcelona personnel properly identified with the original contract and never the staff or third person.


4. Reservations for the bike rental are free of charge to the customer and must be made well in advance to ensure availability. The customer can also book completed the online form on our web www.bornbikebarcelona.com or Tel. +34 93 319 00 20.

5. Payment: By credit card or cash on delivery vehicles and the total time of the lease.

6. Deposit: Upon delivery of the vehicle, the customer will be required as collateral credit card number or a security deposit of 100 € or 200 € depending on the vehicle. Besides identification such as passport, driving license or national identity card in the case of European citizens. The receipt of guarantee or deposit will be returned once the lease term ended on delivery of the rented equipment.

7. Who signs the lease must be over 18 and be responsible for rented equipment.

8. Submission before the hour: No refunds will be made by bicycle delivery before the end of contracted rental time. LEASED EQUIPMENT

9. vehicles and people hire only be used by persons designated by the customer in the lease.

10. The customer is obliged to take good care and take steps to protect bicycles and rented equipment damage, loss or theft precautions. Should any of the above situations during the rental period, the customer will immediately all replacement costs incurred at market prices. At the end of the rental period a representative of Born Bike Tours Barcelona determine the conditions of delivery of the rented equipment and assess the case as losses or damages. The customer is obliged at all times to tie up the vehicle when not having sight (pass the lock through the frame, seat and wheels and tied to a pole fixed to the ground or biciparking). It is recommended in all cases keep them while you can.


11. Born Bike Tours Barcelona have taken out liability insurance that covers any damage arising as a result of defects in the rented equipment.

12. Born Bike Tours Barcelona not be liable for claims for: Accident, injury, shock or damage to yourself and / or third staff or their property, or loss of items during the rental period.

13. It is your responsibility to respect the rules of Spanish traffic.

14. The data provided by the customer, will be used exclusively for the proper provision of the service and may request, in accordance with the law, rectification or cancellation through communication by any means Born Bike Tours Barcelona (+34 93 319 00 20).

15. This agreement is governed by Spanish law.

16. The client declare to have read and accepted the above conditions.